Irish Hollow Guest Testimonials

From the moment we checked in to The Inn at Irish Hollow we felt comfortable, relaxed and knew we were among friends. Bill and Tony are unbelievable hosts. Their attention to detail created an atmosphere of warmth, well-being and peace. As soon as we walked into the beautifully decorated cottage we felt at home or at least how we’d like home to be. No detail was overlooked. From the variety of magazines we paged through on the porch to the champagne resting on the bar, just in case we wanted to celebrate our temporary escape from the city. The bedroom included a wood burning fireplace and a bed that was so luxurious that we didn’t want to leave. Relaxation in our living space was immediate, partly because our hosts saw fit not to include a television to distract us from each other. Another great experience at the Inn is indulging in the skillfully prepared food offered to guests and other vacationers. Every meal was incredible. We were simply overwhelmed. Each course delivered to our table was better than the next in an orchestrated delivery that finally made us put our heads down on the table in surrender, but we picked them up again and kept eating. The town of Galena is lovely and quaint but it’s certainly not the reason to go to the Irish Hollow. The entire stay could be spent on the grounds- in the cottage, eating and walking the path surrounded by rolling hills and cows. The Inn at Irish Hollow is a truly magical place. We felt at home during our stay and we were re-energized when it was time to leave. We look forward to returning very soon.

Julie Swenson, Stay in September, 2012

There are not enough words to describe this amazing place! We stayed in the Stonewood Cottage and it was peaceful, romantic, relaxing. My boyfriend is the type of person who does NOT enjoy sitting around. He's always on the go. I could barely peel him away from the cottage to go eat in the lodge! The food is some of the best I've ever tasted. The 7 course dinner included in our package was tremendous. We will most definitely come back to visit!!!

Vicki, Stay in July, 2012

It was exactly what a 20 yr marriage needed! Romance, relaxing, no pressure -- just us (and the friends that came!!). A massive snowfall to boot. Can't recommend a better place to reconnect.

Tim and Brenda Krueger, Stay in January, 2012

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