Irish Hollow Guest Testimonials

It was exactly what a 20 yr marriage needed! Romance, relaxing, no pressure -- just us (and the friends that came!!). A massive snowfall to boot. Can't recommend a better place to reconnect.

Tim and Brenda Krueger, Stay in January, 2012

WUH-OOOOW!!! I have stayed in many gorgeous places all over the world, but this place takes the gluten free cake! The attention to detail in the stunning cottages, the food, the grounds, the everything!!! Tony and Matthew are so warm and welcoming. The love they have for this place overflows into everything they do. We cannot thank Bill enough for his accommodating our gluten free request for Mike. All celiacs need to have one of your breakfast muffins at least once in their lives. I cannot thank you enough for the most relaxing, romantic, wonderful few days I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Will we be back? Oooooh yeah!

Kathy & Mike, Stay in July, 2012

"You can't tell a book by it's cover". That saying fits the Inn at Irish Hollow. After check-in at the quaint country store we were escorted to a charming front porch and served fresh, homemade lemonaid while we sat on a porch swing surrounded by English country gardens in total peace and quiet. Our stay in our own wing of the main Inn was completely private and luxuriously decorated. Dinner was a 2 hour, 7 course gourmet experience! The "innkeepers" were totally welcoming, attentive to our needs, and very respectful of our privacy. What a great escape!

Janet & Ken Wickham, Stay in June, 2012

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