Irish Hollow Guest Testimonials

There are no words to describe the kind of place Irish Hollow is. It is an escape from the real world. The service is second to none. The villas and setting are absolutely breathtaking no matter what season it is (we have stayed in most of them). The food is spectacular! We have been here 4 times and somehow make our way all the way from Florida. We can't wait to return for our next visit.

Martha Castillo, Stay in January, 2007

My husband and I stayed here for our 20th anniversary and words cannot express how pleased we were with the Inn at Irish Hollow. The Station House Cottage was gorgeous - the attention to detail was second to none. The food was absolutely amazing - everything was so delicious. And both Bill and Vincent were fantastic hosts - very attentive and so polite. This is such a special place to unwind and we're already looking forward to booking our next stay.

Carrie S., Stay in October, 2013

This place is unbelievable!  Vincent is a spectacular host and served us the best meals we have ever had.  We had massages, and have to say that of all the treatments I or my wife have had, anywhere in the world, this was the best.  Do not hesitate... book a cottage and stay three nights!

Mike, Stay in September, 2013

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