Irish Hollow Guest Testimonials

This place was AMAZING!! We can not say enough on how great it was. We enjoyed every minute of it! The food was out of this world and the service was top notch!! We will be back!!!

Sara Boxrucker, Stay in September, 2013

We stayed in the Stonewood for our anniversary. It was amazing, I am looking forward to going back.

Alysia, Stay in March, 2013

Will always remember our stay here! My bf said that he could honestly say that he consumed the best meals ever in his life that weekend. We stayed at one of the cottages and enjoyed the privacy and the luxuries it had to offer. All the little touches with the decor and the sweets we got to take home on our drive back are one of the few things I can mention that made this place so special. The hospitality and the accommodating staff were outstanding also. I can seriously keep on raving about our stay -that's how wonderful it was.

Priscilla and Steve, Stay in November, 2012

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