Irish Hollow Guest Testimonials

How could I put into words what can only be perceived by means of our senses? It was a chilly, snowy winter day. On arrival, I was welcomed by the warmth of a unique fireplace and a tempting tray of home-made chocolates. What my eyes could see was simply awe-inspiring: refined taste in decoration matched with the most luxurious fabrics and the boldest designs which can only be delivered by the expert hand of such a special person as Bill is. Intelligently-thought out rooms, which are carefully-planned for the delight of the fortunate guests who stay at the inn, are the contribution of another artist, Tony. The mouth-watering meals the place offers are a joy both to the taste-buds and the eyes, thanks to the skill and personal touch of Matthew. On the whole, staying at the Inn at Irish Hollow is one of those experiences you will always treasure in your heart as one of the most unforgettable treats you could ever give yourself or get from someone who truly cares about you and is generous enough to share a piece of heaven with you.

Silvana, Stay in January, 2010

What an incredible slice of heaven! The Inn at Irish Hollow is now our favorite get-away, with their warm hospitality, incredible food, elegant yet comfortable decor and fabulous scenery! What a wonderful place for romance and relaxation. We're already planning a return trip in October, which is sure to be one of many future stays at this peaceful sanctuary. Thank you for the perfect escape from reality!!

Kelly R., Stay in May, 2011

I have stayed here for three years twice a year. It is wonderful... Period.

Denise Beiermann, Stay in January, 2011

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