Our Approach


At Irish Hollow we strive to bring you the most crisp and crunchy, warm and fuzzy, yet sparklingly refreshing experience possible. Our bath products, bed comforters, BodyWorks products and even our hand painted chocolates are all organic.  Bread is fresh from the oven, and all of our succulent menus are hand-crafted.


The Inn at Irish Hollow sits on 500 acres of untainted landscape with grassy pastures, meandering trails through lush woods, fields of wildflower and glacier streams.  At Irish Hollow, we believe that ALL NATURAL is the only way.  We strive for as natural and organic as possible, from our organic mattresses, to our garden fresh vegetables and herbs. 


We acquire as many ingredients as we can from our own gardens, ancient orchards, the Irish Hollow apiary, local farms and regional producers. Other products are carefully selected from green conscious providers.   We believe that Farm-to Table is the best philosophy and that our food reflects that intention!


It is our belief that the food we serve at Irish Hollow should be as beautiful as it is delicious and nutritious.  For that reason, extra care is always taken to design our plates as art.  Color combinations, garnishes and design are carefully determined and executed with each and every item that leaves the kitchen.  


We celebrate the FIVE seasons of the year (The expected four, plus Holidays) with textures, colors, sounds, aromas, activities, and of course flavors.  We believe that moments should be savored, with all of the senses filled with the seasonal essence.