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Cranberry Cream Muffins
By popular demand.... our Cranberry Cream Muffin Recipe:Mix: 4 eggs, 1 cup oil, 2 cups sugar, 1 Tbs. vanillaSift Together: 4 cups flour, 2 tsp. baking powder, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. saltGradually add dry to moist, alternating with 2 cups sour cream. Fold in Two cups chopped fresh cranberry and 1 cup chopped wa... Read Entry
Scones, Conserves and Coffee
It's funny how we (actually, I) forget that the happiest moments in life are the simple pleasures.... time with those we love, sitting in a favorite place, tastes that remind us of childhood, crackling fires, a walk in the woods...... life (mine in particular) seems to run at such a pace that I am chasing it. So t... Read Entry
Autumn is here.... along with all of the usual signs: Gorgeous scapes of browns and oranges, the aroma of apple pie and crackling fires, the sound of country fairs and crunching leaves, and the flavors of the Irish Hollow Autumn Harvest Dinner! We are excited about this year's menu, and look forward to sharing som... Read Entry
Rustic Apple Tart
Autumn..... Somehow as soon as the season arrives, we begin to crave pumpkin, stew, and APPLES! At our Autumn Harvest Dinner, we have been serving a great version of our RUSTIC APPLE TART for dessert. I have been adding Figs and Dried Cranberries for a gorgeous Fall flavor! At Dinner, we make individual tarts fo... Read Entry
Blue Pumpkins
Nothing like an early morning, late September frost on the pumpkin patch.... long rays of first sunlight, coffee in hand. It is at this very moment that I am reminded that pumpkin is my favorite shape. And how thrilling the heirloom blue pumpkins are! Somehow the transition of the seasons is made complete by the p... Read Entry
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