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Campfire Picnic
So, as many of you are lucky enough to know.... we offer a Campfire Picnic at the Inn. For those of you who don't know... you must enjoy one sometime. This is how it works: We build a campfire for you in one of the hidden grottos on the hillside. We deliver a lavish picnic basket stuffed with a beautiful lunch or ... Read Entry
The Front Porch
Somehow, even for those of us who don't spend a lot of time sitting, the Inn's front porch has a special lure. Many a tranquil hour have been spent reading, chatting or simply cow-watching in this particular spot. We believe that at this time of year, whatever you choose to do here should be done with iced tea! Ma... Read Entry
Orange Date Pecan Bread
We really LOVE this bread, and it has become a favorite of many. For those who have asked for the recipe.... here you go!In the blender, blend 2 eggs, 2 Tbs. butter, 3/4 cups sugar, 1 medium orange, cut into pieces, seeded (but not peeled!), 1 cup dates pitted. blend on/off motion til well chopped, (but not liquif... Read Entry
The Daffodils are in bloom again!
Daffodils... the first sign of Spring, and this year still the only evidence that the Primavera might actually arrive one day! Somehow, their yellow seems like the most beautiful yellow ever, as they pop up and stand proud against the elements. Every year, we add several hundred of the bulbs to the gardens at the ... Read Entry
Breakfast Pizza
PIZZA.... It's what's for Breakfast! And why not? Think about it...some toasted crust, sausage, sauteed veggies, eggs, cheese, and perfectly delicious. I know that this is a sloppy recipe, but truly needs no exact measurements. We start with a simple basic pizza dough. Using some corn meal we press it into a desir... Read Entry
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