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Snow Season at full throttle
I woke this morning to the whiteness of the snowy Winter.... and couldn't resist a hike into the hills. Finding that the Inn guests had beaten me to the powdery punch, I sat with coffee in hand and watched then trek up the hillside clad in snow shoes and furry hoods. Some think that Winter is to be waited through,... Read Entry
Sundown in the Valley
At sunset, somehow the lavender hued snow seems crispier and the wind settles to allow the smell of crackling fireplaces to drift through the Hollow. We find this time to be the ideal moment for a snowy hike up the hillside across from the inn, to see the little settlement lighted from behind and draped in it's Wi... Read Entry
Salad Fixings
At this time of the year when the garden is so generous, I remind myself of the long beautiful Winter... when I can't come out and pick my salad. It is such a luxury of this season to have such an amazing amount of fresh, organic and delicious delicacies that have come from the seeds that we buried in the rich soi... Read Entry
Heirloom Tomatoes
What a year for tomatoes. The Vines are laden, and the flesh is dense and sweet. The colors, yellow, purple, all shades of red... and the shapes are quite different from those at the grocery store. Tomatoes are an amazing fruit and as one might imagine, our kitchen is doing beautiful things with them! Tomato Cocon... Read Entry
Wine and Cheese
Wine and Cheese.... Gazebo.... seems like the ideal match at this time of year. Beautiful moments, enhanced delicious flavors and a summer afternoon. Our Wine and Cheese Party for Two is the answer to that "What should we do this afternoon?" question. A sampling of great cheeses of the world... a jug of wine, a lo... Read Entry
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