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Caramel Apples... IH style
I proudly believe that I make the best caramel apple on the planet! The elements: A STICK from the forest to represent the rich texture of the season The perfect APPLE to emulate the crisp Autumn afternoon A drenching of sweet, organic CARAMEL, cozily wrapping against the chill A sprinkling of NUTS, BERR... Read Entry
Let me do the wrapping
For many, the thought of wrapping Christmas gifts is overwhelming.... and really, what is the purpose of wrapping a gift? If only to disguise it's contents, any cover will do. I, however, believe that a gift should be wrapped, so that it is enjoyed in it's dressed-up form, as part of the overall celebration of any... Read Entry
Pumpkin Patch
The pumpkins in the patch are growing like crazy! A glorious reminder of the Autumn Season to come. As most of you, our Irish Hollow family, know.... we have bountiful packages to commemorate the season, beginning with the "Fall Colors Buggy Ride Package", which of course include the delightful ride through the wo... Read Entry
Swiss Chard ... the leaves of Summer
Swiss Chard is a gentle reminder of the miracle of life, and how we have little or no ideas what color will emerge from the simple seed! As I weed the Inn's garden by early light, I am enthralled by the palette of colors that are pushed up by the Chard seeds. A rainbow from brilliant yellow to the deepest purple. ... Read Entry
Late Summer Afternoons
Sometimes the day just seems to run past without my noticing. Without the directive to pause, somehow we continue to do what we love to do - work - all day long! So, our new practice at the Inn is called "Innkeeper Siesta", when at some point during the afternoon, those who are keeping the Inn, need to find some m... Read Entry
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