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Daffodil Tips

Daffodil Tips
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Writen by Bill
Date: 2017-03-21
Category: IrishHollow News

Daffodils... by the hundreds are popping up all over the grounds at Irish Hollow.  I thought that this would be the time, while I am appreciating the magic of the moment to share a couple of tips that we employ to help ours flourish and multiply.  First, they do make tremendous cut flowers, so we use them in seasonal arrangements.  Daffodil plants which have their flowers cut, don't waste any of their energy forming seeds which helps with bulb growth and flower production for the following year.  So, those that you allow to finish blooming in the yard, are best dead-headed after bloom time to prevent seed production.  The bulb needs the energy of the greenery to be re-absorbed, so do not be tempted to cut them back.  We plant ours around other things, such as hosta, and tuck the leaves under surrounding plants to allow them to re-absorb, and die back naturally.  Drought, after blooming, hinders the next year's flower, so keep them watered!