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Caramel Apples... IH style

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Writen by Bill
Date: 2014-09-02
Category: Recipes
Post tags: autumn, caramel, apple

I proudly believe that I make the best caramel apple on the planet!  

The elements:  
      A STICK from the forest to represent the rich texture of the season
      The perfect APPLE to emulate the crisp Autumn afternoon
      A drenching of sweet, organic CARAMEL, cozily wrapping against the chill
      A sprinkling of NUTS, BERRIES & CHIPS, like the falling of the crunchy leaves
      swirl of WHITE CHOCOLATE as if the first frost on the colorful countryside
All together.... a mouthful of Fall flavor at it's finest!
Yes, I apparently take caramel-apple creation seriously.   But wait... just wait!

Always included is a pair of these luscious treat with the "Taste of November" package.  
(You might see them in October, as well, since I personally can't wait!)