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Let me do the wrapping

Let me do the wrapping
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Writen by Bill
Date: 2014-09-01
Category: IrishHollow News
Article Tags: Christmas, Package, Gift

For many, the thought of wrapping Christmas gifts is overwhelming.... and really, what is the purpose of wrapping a gift?  If only to disguise it's contents, any cover will do.  I, however, believe that a gift should be wrapped, so that it is enjoyed in it's dressed-up form, as part of the overall celebration of any event. Therefore, holiday gifts become part of the ambiance of the decorations. And, honestly, I love to create beautiful holiday wrappings!
This year, I have decided to offer my services, as part of the "Crisp and Delicious December", our infamous midweek December package, and wrap your gifts to the other.... complimentary!  Simply send them to me, a week prior to your arrival to the Inn.  I will wrap them to suit the Cottage or room in which you will be staying, and have them waiting for you under your personal holiday tree!  Your companion will not even know that they are for him/her until you gift them.
If you plan to celebrate together after New Year's.... since we leave the Holiday decor intact throughout January for that very purpose, I will happily do so for those January celebrations, as well.