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Happy Fourth!

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Writen by Bill
Date: 2014-07-04
Category: Recipes

It is not surprising to me to see that Red Velvet has become all the rage in the world of cakes and now ever-so-popular cupcakes.  I just wonder why it took so long!  The choice has been a consistent favorite at Irish Hollow since we opened almost 25 years ago, and it reappears with a fury when this holiday rolls around each year.  The 4th of July is Matthew's and also Suzy's birthday, and each year, at least one of them requests it as their special cake.  I can't help but to layer it with fresh in-season blueberries creating a dessert that even looks like the Fourth!  Our recipe differs from those commonly used in today's bakeries, in that the frosting is created from steamed milk. In my book, it is the best frosting that I've tasted.  Tried it yet?