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Scones, Conserves and Coffee

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Writen by Bill Barrick
Date: 2013-01-11
Category: IrishHollow News
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It's funny how we (actually, I) forget that the happiest moments in life are the simple pleasures.... time with those we love, sitting in a favorite place, tastes that remind us of childhood, crackling fires, a walk in the woods...... life (mine in particular) seems to run at such a pace that I am chasing it.  So this morning, after serving breakfast, I decided that a few moments to myself were in order, before dashing on to the next task.  I plated one of the Irish Hollow scones (which we have made hundreds of times), scooped some of the red raspberry conserve, poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down for a moment.  Can I just say, that our scones are awesome.... the coffee beyond compare and the conserve just right?  Can I just ask why I don't do this more often?