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Writen by Bill Barrick
Date: 2012-09-21
Category: IrishHollow News
Post tags: Irish Hollow News

Autumn is here.... along with all of the usual signs:  Gorgeous scapes of browns and oranges, the aroma of apple pie and crackling fires, the sound of country fairs and crunching leaves, and the flavors of the Irish Hollow Autumn Harvest Dinner!  We are excited about this year's menu, and look forward to sharing some of the recipes with you.  
Our pumpkins are being de-patched this week to become the famous Spiced Pumpkin Bisque. Great new dishes round out the meal.  By the way, we are also going to be featuring an excellent "Wednesday Wine Pairing" menu all through November, and I am excitedly designing that Wine List today.  It is truly amazing how much our world is influenced by our taste buds.... but I personally cannot imagine life without perfectly baked breads, gorgeous cheese, crisp roasted vegetables, succulent meats, rich desserts and masterfully crafted wines.... can you?